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Super big thanks to oz for this! Visit his site here.

Tuesday 7/03/2007 - 3:18 pm
10 Years!

Hmm. I sort of remember this site! Uhm. Edited my me page, my likes and dislikes page, my links section a little, and my family page. Mostly just updating links. My pictures are now mostly hidden except for those with accounts. Feel free to create one and I'll approve it as soon as I get a chance. It helps if you mention some way for me to know who you are.

I spend a lot of time on Flickr.com these days, practicing my photography skills. I need to add a link. Hmm.

As always, lots of stuff is broken. I'll get to it someday. Maybe.

Tuesday 2/7/2006 - 4:30 am
I never touch this thing! I don't think it really matters much anyhow, since I'm not sure anyone ever reads it. But regardless, I do let things sit too long. I'm just updating a few minor things. Carrie has her own website now. I don't have much to say. I'm glad the Steelers won the SuperBowl ;D Bye!

Sunday 3/7/2004 - 1:59 pm
Access! I have it! Now that I've said that.. haha.. I've updated my birthday page finally, added a newspaper article about my Uncle Dada, and fixed a few other minor things here and there. I probably will continue to do more. We shall see. I'd also like to again thank oz for the banner he made for me. :)

Thursday 12/4/2003 - 6:24 pm
So I haven't really had access to this in forever. In fact, I'm using dumb *pico* right now, to even write this. I'm hoping I'll have access soon. Real access, even. ;) I may also be using a new domain soon. We shall see.

Since I've been unable to update this site, the only things that ever change really, are pictures and my journal, as they aren't located on tmcom. Of course, I *did* manage to update a few things today. I updated Carrie's page, as it said she was 2! Really that's about the extent of it. Boredom is evil for me, and it caused me to screw up the colors on my entire gallery. Ahh well.

I doubt anyone's reading this, because really, who visits my site anymore? Oh well. If you feel like saying anything, email me or sign my guestbook, the link is at the bottom. :D See you!

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